Mi Nueva Rutina Diaria

Another day comes to a close and I often think my family and I are losing our edge as travelers. Either that, or we are simply evolving in our traveling ways. When I was younger, I would land in a place, take out the guidebook, and make a list of all the things there were to see and do. Now, we simply land with no plan whatsoever and spend our days walking around town.

Our routine generally looks like this:

  • Start with breakfast at a random coffee shop.


  • We then move to a park to draw and people watch.

IMG_0712 IMG_9436


  • We walk around town some more, often to a market or meandering through bookstores and art galleries.

IMG_9437 IMG_9446



  • Then we pick a new coffee shop and play games, make more art, and practice Spanish.

IMG_9420 IMG_9426

  • We often return ‘home’ for a nap.


  • We venture out again to a restaurant and afterwards walk around again.





  • Finally we head ‘home’ and call it a day.

I am sure we will take a few days to sightsee and the above-mentioned routine will undoubtedly end next week when the family starts language school. For now, however, I am enjoying the process of decompressing after a long school year and easing into the summer mode.

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