Our last day in Kathmandu

Our last day in Kathmandu and we caved.  For the record, Carmela was the only one who tried to stop me.  “We have come this far, what’s one more day?  We came here to rough it Mom!” But no, I just really needed a hot shower.  I really needed to pee in a toilet that was not about to overflow with revenge.  I really needed the electricity to come on so I would have heat.  Call me weak, but at that vulnerable moment last night it’s what I felt I really needed.

Fine, fine… not needed, but wanted.

It is morning now and as always, things look better in the daylight.  The electricity came back on sometime during the night. Although the toilet is still on the brink of Armageddon, I WAS able to dance in the cold steel tub with mostly hot water coming out of the sprinkling apparatus.  Things do look brighter, but it is too late. I cannot cancel the fancy hotel reservation that I made for our last night here.  I call it fancy due to the price, but to be quite honest we have not seen it yet and Expedia pictures can be oh so deceiving.

Our last morning in the character building hotel.

So, for our last day in Kathmandu we shall shop for a few souvenirs and hopefully take an actual hot shower for the first time in over a week.  The toilet might even flush and if we are lucky we might get to watch TV together for a bit.  I must say that the intermittent WIFI on this trip has been quite entertaining.  I believe the girls now understand that WIFI is a gift and a privilege not to be taken for granted.  If you are experiencing WIFI here for more than one minute without constant streaming interruptions, you are just plain lucky. Actually, I think the same can be said for electricity.

I have loved every minute of our time here in Nepal.  I even think it has been the best trip we have taken, and that’s saying a lot.  Perhaps we all know that we are getting older and we only have a few years left where we all live together.  Everything seems a bit more precious now.  Regardless, we were all very present on this trip and really enjoyed our time together.  We have so much to be thankful for.

Tomorrow we head back to lovely, warm Malaysia.


Update:  The hotel is fantastic, the shower is hot and has amazing pressure, the toilet flushes, and we all feel terribly spoiled. The TV shows nothing but Bollywood and the wifi works without interruptions.  Needless to say, I am wrought with guilt and very happy.

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