A Lot of Walking and a Rickshaw

I find it truly fascinating that after an hour in any mall I am a complete mess.  Walk for six hours through one of the most polluted, traffic-laden, loud, and overstimulating cities in the world and I am just fine.  Go figure! Perhaps it is because all I have to do is follow Marty the human GPS and try not to get run over.  Another good day!

Typical quick coffee shop sketch. It’s just not fair.
Hauling is an art form here. Please take note of the electric wires in the background. The entire city is like this and it is baffling.
Again, electric wire madness.
Durbar Square on a sunny day with pigeons.
Nice mural on Freak Street.
Afternoon snack and sketch time.
People relaxing in Durbar Square.
Market outside Durbar Square
Below is a water well for the neighborhood.
After 11,000 steps, this girl is ready for her rickshaw ride.

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