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Hasta el amanecer

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La gozadera

Welcome to a new year!

Sunrise over the Himalayas and The Garden of Dreams

We left at 5am this morning and took a taxi to see the sunrise outside of Kathmandu at a place called Nagarkot.  The taxi ride ranked up there as one of the top 5 scariest in my lifetime.  Climbing up a one-lane pothole laden… Continue Reading “Sunrise over the Himalayas and The Garden of Dreams”

A Lot of Walking and a Rickshaw

I find it truly fascinating that after an hour in any mall I am a complete mess.  Walk for six hours through one of the most polluted, traffic-laden, loud, and overstimulating cities in the world and I am just fine.  Go figure! Perhaps it… Continue Reading “A Lot of Walking and a Rickshaw”

The Swayambhunath Stupa

As a general rule, Party Marty is quite the culinary adventurist when we travel.  That being said, I frequently question his food choices.  When he veered off of the beaten path on Thursday for some local snacks, I probably should have intervened.  Or perhaps… Continue Reading “The Swayambhunath Stupa”

Kathmandu – Day 1 – Thamel to Durbar Square

It always amazes me how one day of travel by plane can transport you to a completely different world.  We left Singapore Changi Airport at eight in the morning and after six hours of travel, including a very brief layover in Bangkok where we… Continue Reading “Kathmandu – Day 1 – Thamel to Durbar Square”

17 Hours in Singapore

Before we moved to Malaysia, we were all quite excited about the prospect of visiting Singapore on a regular basis. After all, it is a mere 15-minute drive away.  It’s so close we can even see it from just about anywhere in our part… Continue Reading “17 Hours in Singapore”

Happy Holidays

Oh Malaysia, how I love thee.

Five months have come and gone and as life begins to feel normal, I find I write here less.  In some ways it seems like a lifetime, and in others like yesterday.  While living abroad may seem a little exotic, I think that where… Continue Reading “Oh Malaysia, how I love thee.”