Final Days of Summer

Today is the last day of vacation for Marty and me and I must admit that although I am happy to be starting a routine that does not involve spending so much money, I am super sad to say goodbye to our summer. Not much has been going on the past two weeks.  We have... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

It seems to me that the biggest difference between traveling and living abroad are the day-to-day experiences and interactions that you just don’t have when you are merely visiting a new country. For example, Thursday I had to do something that I was truly dreading.  Although we had to get medical exams before we arrived,... Continue Reading →

Our New Home

We have officially been in Malaysia for 2 weeks and we all seem to be settling in nicely.  After our “Jurassic Park” house hunting fiasco last Monday, we met with Piz, a rental agent who works with the school.  She was absolutely amazing: Efficient, to the point, and very knowledgeable.  Within an hour we had... Continue Reading →

Our first few days…

It is 5 am and either I am starting an early riser routine, or I have yet to acclimate to the 13-hour time difference.  These past few days have been mostly about getting comfortable in our new surroundings and watching Marty become a left hand side of the road driver.  He is doing great, by... Continue Reading →

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