Three Weeks and Counting

In his attempt to be a great golfer, Marty heads out to the green with this new clubs.

Beach fun with new friends.
Frida and Francisco’s first beach trip. They loved it!
Complete car wash and detail after the beach. ($11 dollars!)
One of the pools at our new school.
Marty and the girls at the golfing range.
‘Sunburned girl and spoiled dog with glass.’
Sunday afternoon downtown.
Our new pastime.
Say what?
Lunch at ‘Flowers in the Window’
Pilar looks terribly interested in what I have to say.
Marty has gone too far with his snapchat obsession.
Taoist temple visit… The Old Temple of Johor Bahru
Practicing my Mandarin to buy incense. I didn’t do TOO bad.
Flower shops outside the Hindu temple.
Oh look, Marty’s taking another picture.

Hindu temple family photo
Nap thirty.

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