Daily Adventures… On Mexico Time

My students and I generally watch this movie every year called Pulling Strings. It’s about an American woman working at an embassy in Mexico City. It is basically a rom-com, but I like it because the movie is equally in English and Spanish (It’s on Netflix). In one scene, the woman is asking a Mariachi... Continue Reading →

Language School

The girls started language classes Monday at the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca. They were apprehensive at first, because rather than letting them take the children’s’ classes, I signed them up for the adult classes. I figured that if they were here to learn, they might as well jump right in. When we arrived, they had... Continue Reading →

El Tule

Today we ventured east of the city to the pueblo of Santa Maria del Tule, the famed home of El Tule, a 2000 year old cypress tree that many say is the oldest and largest tree in Latin America. It has a trunk the width of a house and limbs that climb several stories high. A... Continue Reading →

Mi Nueva Rutina Diaria

Another day comes to a close and I often think my family and I are losing our edge as travelers. Either that, or we are simply evolving in our traveling ways. When I was younger, I would land in a place, take out the guidebook, and make a list of all the things there were to... Continue Reading →

Bienvenidos a Oaxaca

Bienvenidos a Oaxaca. After twelve hours in airports and on airplanes, we finally landed in Oaxaca last night around 8:00. I think I have decided that I really don’t like airport layovers. Sitting in an airport for upwards of seven hours straight is simply grueling. But then again, I suppose it depends on the airport.... Continue Reading →

And we’re off….

¡Hola y feliz verano! This summer my family and I are off to Oaxaca, Mexico for a month.  We have waited until the last possible moment to pack, but I must say, it is certainly easier when everyone fends for themselves.  Two backpacks for four people... not too shabby. I am using my teacher website to... Continue Reading →

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