Language School

The girls started language classes Monday at the Instituto Cultural de Oaxaca. They were apprehensive at first, because rather than letting them take the children’s’ classes, I signed them up for the adult classes. I figured that if they were here to learn, they might as well jump right in. When we arrived, they had to take a written and oral test to figure out their proficiency level. I think that freaked them out, but Marty told me to back off and they handled it just fine. They were put in a class with two other students, a 20-year old boy from Ireland and a 13-year old girl from Alabama. Perfect! The boy, Emmanuel, is here on a scholarship to help disadvantaged kids in the countryside. His family immigrated to Ireland many years ago from Africa and he is studying in Dublin. This is great, because now we know someone we can visit in Ireland if we ever get to go on that dream vacation.  You know, the one where you bicycle around Ireland going from pub to pub?

Carmela and Pilar entered the class with looks of apprehension, but emerged 3 hours later laughing and happy as clams. They loved it and spent the rest of the day begging me to help them practice what they learned. Honestly, I was quite impressed with what they learned in just one day. They even requested that next week instead of studying only 3 hours a day, they would like to do the 7-hour a day program. Well…. OK, I suppose.

IMG_9573 IMG_9577IMG_9576

Our friend Max leaves today and that leaves us with three more weeks here is Oaxaca. I imagine that means the sight seeing portion of our trip is somewhat over and we will hunker down to study, write, and make art. I guess that also means we have to cut back on eating out and I have to start cooking again. Maybe.

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