Guess Who Got Married?… Again!

Today a few of us went on a field trip to San Antonio Aguas Calientes, a small town outside of Antigua. We were told that we would participate in a traditional Mayan wedding ceremony and see how Mayan customs were being preserved, despite the changing times. It turns out that Marty and I were to play the lucky bride and groom to be. We learned how to weave (so the woman can give intricate woven pieces to her new in-laws), donned traditional Mayan wedding clothes, were purified of all of our pre-marital transgressions, danced the traditional wedding dance, and ate a traditional dinner of pepian. I even got to fast-forward a year and have a baby, the first one of about 15. Then, of course, I learned how to carry a ceramic jug of water on my head while making sure my 15 children followed in tow. These of course were traditions of many years ago. Presently, the decendants of Mayan women only have about 4 children and get married at the age of about 20 instead of 15. Regardless, it was quite fascinating and loads of fun.

Waiting for the demo to begin.
Weaving… not as easy as it looks!


Getting ready for the big day!
The wedding party.
Detox via copal (mayan incense).
The Happy Couple!
Then we have a baby!

Back in town, we headed to an Irish Pub for lunch and the kids worked on their pool skills.

So many life skills, so little time.

And finally my favorite photo of the day… We have to have how many kids???

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