Ahhhh….. Akumal!

There is something simply magical about staying at the beach for multiple days at a time. Time ceases to exist, you forget what day it is, and major accomplishments of the day include eating breakfast and possibly walking to town. You wear the same thing each day… a bathing suit. You forget to look in the mirror, and brushing your hair  becomes a daily chore that never seems to get done. The girls say that thus far this is their favorite part of our vacation and they have been reunited with their love of swimming, spending entire days at the beach and in the pool. The massive amounts of seaweed on the beach are a bit annoying, but I imagine this happens at certain times every year. The clan of iguanas that have become our pets at the villa are a bit too friendly, but that just adds to the ambiance. We are located about a twenty-minute walk from the tiny town of Akumal on a quiet, secluded section of the beach. I was not aware of how wonderful this was until we ventured to Akumal and were suddenly surrounded by throngs of big resorts and people drinking ‘coco locos’ while either cemented to their beach loungers or donning a life vest and waiting in line to go snorkeling. We love our quite, secluded Villas of Akumal and are quickly losing track of time. Today we went kayaking and the girls tried their hand at snorkeling. We will try to make it to the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza in a couple of days. Until then…

Lucky for us, we were upgraded to an ocean view room!
Ocean View!
Akumal… So glad we stayed 20 minutes away!
One of our many iguana friends.

IMG_8492 IMG_8497 IMG_8524 IMG_8527  IMG_8539 IMG_8542 IMG_8554

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