Museos y Manifestaciones

Today we hit the Anthropology Museum. After an amazing breakfast at a street café laden with pastries galore and awe-inspiring caffeinated beverages, we shoved 6 people into a little taxi and we were off. The Anthropology Museum houses Mexico’s historical artifacts ranging from its earliest inhabitants to its modern day people. The biggest attractions have to be the Mixtec, or Aztec, relics. It took us roughly four hours to make it through the bottom half of the museum, only scratching the surface of the indigenous cultures that existed before the Spanish conquest. Needless to say, although Marty and I came here once before 13 years ago, he was like a kid in a candy store. With his camera and sketchbook in hand he slowly meandered through each hall while the girls and I left him far behind.  We preferred to focus on the big sculptures and peruse the gift shops. Trying traditional candy was also a must.

On our way back to the Zocalo, we were detained by rallies, or manifestaciones, that were occuring near the city center.  Our cab driver explained that due to the upcoming elections, disgruntled groups across the city are staging demonstrations in protest.  The streets were rapidly being barricaded by enormous amounts of police.  He advised us to buy a few bottles of wine and hole up in our hotel Sunday, just to be on the safe side.  Of course, my friends here say it won’t be a big deal, but we might follow the cabbie’s advice just in case.

For dinner, we dined at a fancy fusion restaurant where my personal highlight was guacamole topped with grasshoppers. It was actually quite delicious, and we rounded out the evening with another trip to the icecream shop.  As the sun went down, we found ourselves hanging out in the Zocalo again where we spied an interesting contraption… an 9-passenger bicycle that you could rent for a dollar per person.  The next thing I knew, we were winding our way though the congested streets of downtown Mexico City. I must say it all happened so fast, I was not expecting the workout I got being the 9th passenger.  It was a lot like being a passenger on the last bench on a yellow school bus. Each pothole sent Marty and I flying off our seat. In retrospect, I suppose it was good that I worked off the Enchiladas Tres Marias that I had for dinner. I would attempt to wax poetic about the myriad of adventures we had today, but the adventures have rendered me exhausted.

Tomorrow I get to meet up with old friends and we are taking the subway to see a bit of modern art. Personally, I am looking forward to breakfast again. The food in Mexico is simply fantastic!


IMG_7912 IMG_7918 IMG_7949 IMG_7974

The Anthropology Museum

The Zocalo
The Zocalo and the Cathedral


A REALLY big flag and La Policia
A REALLY big flag and La Policia
Manifestaciones from our passing taxi
Manifestaciones from our passing taxi
Guacamole with grasshoppers
Guacamole with grasshoppers
Biking at night
Biking at night


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