Two months…

Two months… has it only been two months???  School has started and we are in the throws of the beginning of school mayhem.  It’s that magical time of the year when you are exhausted pretty much 24 hours a day and you never seem to be able to catch up. I know this time always passes,... Continue Reading →

Back to School

The summer wife has retired, and the school year wife is back.  Mind you, I am not necessarily saying this is a positive thing; it just is what it is.  Marty and I returned to school last Wednesday as new teachers once again.  After 22 years in education, I think I have lost count of... Continue Reading →

Final Days of Summer

Today is the last day of vacation for Marty and me and I must admit that although I am happy to be starting a routine that does not involve spending so much money, I am super sad to say goodbye to our summer. Not much has been going on the past two weeks.  We have... Continue Reading →

The Little Things

It seems to me that the biggest difference between traveling and living abroad are the day-to-day experiences and interactions that you just don’t have when you are merely visiting a new country. For example, Thursday I had to do something that I was truly dreading.  Although we had to get medical exams before we arrived,... Continue Reading →

Our New Home

We have officially been in Malaysia for 2 weeks and we all seem to be settling in nicely.  After our “Jurassic Park” house hunting fiasco last Monday, we met with Piz, a rental agent who works with the school.  She was absolutely amazing: Efficient, to the point, and very knowledgeable.  Within an hour we had... Continue Reading →

Our first few days…

It is 5 am and either I am starting an early riser routine, or I have yet to acclimate to the 13-hour time difference.  These past few days have been mostly about getting comfortable in our new surroundings and watching Marty become a left hand side of the road driver.  He is doing great, by... Continue Reading →

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