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El Bautismo de La Gruta

Up until today, I was under the misleading impression that I was relaxed. You know, I am on vacation and despite the bustle of Mexico City and the heart-wrenching pain my children cause me each time they cough, I felt that I was as… Continue Reading “El Bautismo de La Gruta”

The Art of Doing Nothing

There is a book in this house that sits by my bed. It is called, “The Art of Doing Nothing.” When I saw it there yesterday, I glanced at the cover and did not give it another thought, too busy being exhausted from five… Continue Reading “The Art of Doing Nothing”

Phase Two: San Miguel de Allende

Phase 2 of our vacation started today and I have to admit, traveling with a sick child is not necessarily my idea of a good time. Pilar is a trooper, though. No complaints, just sad little eyes as she follows you everywhere you go.… Continue Reading “Phase Two: San Miguel de Allende”

Election Sunday

It is Sunday, Election Day, and the streets are teeming with people. Perhaps they are packed every Sunday, but probably not with the massive police presence surrounding the city center. Honestly, I feel extremely safe. I have yet to feel threatened or unwelcome in… Continue Reading “Election Sunday”

Museos y Manifestaciones

Today we hit the Anthropology Museum. After an amazing breakfast at a street café laden with pastries galore and awe-inspiring caffeinated beverages, we shoved 6 people into a little taxi and we were off. The Anthropology Museum houses Mexico’s historical artifacts ranging from its… Continue Reading “Museos y Manifestaciones”

Bienvenidos a Mexico

¡Bienvenidos a Mexico! Although I made the plans for us to spend 3 weeks in Mexico over 5 months ago, it was not until yesterday that I actually gave our trip much thought. I literally threw clothes in a backpack and worried all night… Continue Reading “Bienvenidos a Mexico”

The Second Six Weeks

Hooray!  We have made it to six weeks #2! Check out our new material and songs under Spanish 1, Spanish 2, and Las Canciones.